Julie has worked in the food industry since her teen years. She is passionate about managing staff, creating projects, and art in all of its forms. Her sharp eye, her organizational skills and her quick wit are great assets for Distillerie du 29 octobre. She divides her time between her family, managing human resources, and running the new company.

As a musician and multi-instrumentalist, Davy has always worn many hats with skill and style. He has been a music producer for over 30 years and he owns his own recording studio. He is also a sound designer, photographer, woodworker, and a beekeeper. He has produced albums for popular artists from Canada and abroad, and he has frequently collaborated with renowned international performers. He discovered the art of distillation after transforming his field into a vineyard in 2010, and this has since become his main occupation.

Co-founder, oenologist, and passionate entrepreneur, Martin comes from a family of successful businesspeople in the food industry. After dedicating much of his youth to competitive sports and dreaming of playing professional hockey in Europe, he studied business management in order to gradually make his mark in the family business that would eventually become his own. It was during this period that he developed his passion for wine tasting. After years of training, he was much in demand as a lecturer on viticulture, as a host for wine and cheese tasting events, and he also shared his knowledge and passion on the radio and in the local newspaper. Martin’s unique and highly successful career in the food and wine industries ensures that Distillerie du 29 octobre will become an icon of the distilling world both in Canada and beyond.

To create revisited versions of traditional artisanal spirits by combining tradition and modernity.

To distill never-produced alcohols in Quebec, in a traditional way and in small quantities.

Our values are centred on creativity, respect for the environment,
exclusivity and limited production on a human scale.


Barison 500 LitreS still

This still is used for our Potion, the Québécois pastis! Its smaller size allows us to personalise each distillation.

Barison 1,000 LitreS still

This still is used to produce our finer spirits, the eaux-de-vie! The distillation process resulting from the 10 steam-heated rectifying plates is thorough and refined, much like the trademark character traits of our master distiller.